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Tax Credits

2020 & 2021

Claims Still Available*

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For Self-Employed Individuals impacted by Covid.

Get up to $32.2K in Sick Pay.

If you were Self-Employed
 2020 or 2021.....

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Health Management Plan

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This plan is intentionally designed not to replace or compete with your major medical plan.

Full-time employees enrolled

will generally see a net increase to their paychecks due to their participation.

While there is an associated cost for employers implementing

they will realize a net savings due to offering the plan.

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Research & Development Tax Credits

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A valuable incentive that encourages innovation and investment in research and development activities by reducing federal income tax liabilities for eligible businesses

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Unsecured Loans

Fast Cash Loan Program Icom

$10k - $300k in a couple of weeks 

Great For Businesses

Real Estate Investors: 

Down Payments, Rehab, Repairs 

Small Deals Contractors:

Supplies, Materials, Labor

Restaurants, Salons, Consultants, Retail, Trucking, Delivery.

Easy: Minimum 680 Credit Score needed from all 3 Bureaus, low utilization
No up-front fees or credit pull to qualify. 

(No collateral required)

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Merchant Services

Orkah Financial offers the latest and most cost-effective technology available offering the following products 

Credit /Debit Payment Processing
High Risk Payment Processing
Business Financing Options

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Home Service Professionals' Software Platform

Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, HVAC technician, or part of any other field service business, Housecall Pro is your go-to tool for streamlining operations, enhancing customer experiences, and ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Offering a top-notch SaaS operating platform paired with modern financial services and business solutions. 

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Our 3 Step Process . . . 


We give you an overview of the programs & process plus answer any initial questions you may have.


We then guide you through simple questionnaires to help establish your eligibility.


Then, as an affiliate, we will link you to professional & skilled teams to lead you through the complete process.

Contact me
Richard Charge
for a free Discovery Call.

In person appointments available in NYC

Online + Voice Calls available nationwide.

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